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Another Europe, 54:47 mins, 2020

Another Europe is an essay film rooted in experimental cinema and queer storytelling.

A female narrator (fellow artist Kathi Hofer) provides the Voice Over for this film, making it a reflection on my life and my journey through Europe from 2019-2020. Associative spaces unfold. A train of thoughts. The boundaries between factual and memories become a blur. How much of my personal story can be read more globally?

Visual portraits of Europe's faraway places away from typical tourist hot spots provide the mise en scène for this film. Landscapes in transition, pictures of movement, visually resembling the long journeys I have undertaken using trains, ferries and public transport. The underlying sound compositions made by the Dutch musician Machinefabriek evoke feelings of isolation and alienation but are still somewhat placable and warm.


At first the connection between space and identity is being explored. What links personal history (her*story) to geography, is place is integral to personal identity?

The second part focuses on how queerness relates to feeling of out of place, longing for the faraway and the transitory element of being a traveller (moving always in the in between).

The third part is partly shaped by the sudden eruption of the Corona crisis which hit Europe at the end of my travels. A crisis shaping spaces. The European countries at the beginning of this film won't be the same as the ones right at the end. This part focuses on the idea of home. Is it just a construct after all? It will explore the importance of coming home and how it can be read in line with the ability of finally becoming yourself (again). The concept of arrival.

This piece shall challenge its audience and offer new alternative ways of perception and interpretation, a queer way of reading images, sound and stories. A female point of view circling around the idea of what can be home. We can all belong and we can find a home in each other.

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