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Flickerticker (3:17), Experimental video, 2004:

"Flickerticker" is a compilation of various flicker effects. Various flicker effects were tried out. Finally there are four flicker effects at on time. The flicker effects are generated by a TV-image, where they originated from. All in all there are four various flicker effects in this work. The first on is quite "classical". It arises from light and dark contrasts, which were filmed off a TV-screen. Framed by black colour, so that there can be associations with a slide or a cadre of a filmstrip. After the first one there are "noisy/snowy" animated TV-takes, accompanied by static noise. This is a reference to disorders appearing in old televisions when tuning the channels. From the flickering a separate tone flicker results. The following silence is contrasted by calm light and dark images (which are the same takes from the filmed TV-screen as used in the first flicker effect). For the first time a structural pattern is used. The flicker results from a mathematical pattern. The duration of each light and dark image is cut to the half while the frequency of the occurring images is doubled. At the actual flicker part there is only one light and dark cadre used. The duration is split by three while the frequency of the occurring images is multiplied by four.

The other three flickers resulted from intuitive cutting, which can be perceived as a variation of the particular flicker effect. Finally all the three different flicker effects form a new fourfold flicker, which also follows the structural rhythm. The screen is divided into four images, each showing the flicker effects chronologically used. Altogether, the work passed three processes. First the filming of light and dark objects, then playing this footage on a video recorder to a TV-monitor, and finally filming it again. Additionally TV-noise (snow) was recorded. At the end everything has been edited and sound was added. Playing the "completed" work on a TV-monitor (4:3) is another step of this process.


This work has been shown at:

# Filmriss Film Festival 2005 in Salzburg (Aut)

# Exhibition Freies Fernsehen" at the Kunstverein Salzburg/Austria (2004)

# Video intervention "Don't stereotape me" at the Viennale (2004)



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