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Gray (14:03), Video, 2003:

Footage taken mainly from the 80ties and the 90ties films is combined with self recorded material and montaged to five popular songs. So another somewhat personal, coming out and coming of age plot develops. The film functions as a fragmentary CV, a coming out story and coming of age movie altogether. Gray also strongly communicates with the chosen music. The film subdivides into five parts. "Just like thinking about of childhood homes" deals with the pain of growing up. "Easy to love" means a pleasure of being youthful - the love for pop culture, the lust for life combined with a little bit of wistfulness. "One with the freaks" deals with being an outsider or feeling like a freak respectively being alienated. "Love will tear us apart" finally redeems and fulfils the long hidden desire for love. And "Consequences" offers a more hopeful and optimistic view of the future as in the beginning. Neither black nor white, but gray. Something in between. Like adolescence as a stadium between being a kid and a grown up. Like irresolute, fuzzy and a not yet completely developed identity.

This work has been shown at:

# SPACE20 #1 curated by Elsa Okazaki at Schloss25, Vienna/Austria, 2020

# Ladyfest Vienna, 2004
# International Filmfestival Mostar/Croatia, 2004



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