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Strings (3:39), Experimental video, 2005:

Strings is based on the String theory claiming that the vibration of strings creates various elementary particles such as quarks, protons and electrons. The sound footage is a sample from the big bang. Thus, the film also plays with micro- and macrocosm and the order of things. The film can be seen in two different ways: First it is an analysis of the smallest elements (besides maybe the gravitons) such as quarks, which are generated by strings. First they seem quite geometrical like a circle, but the closer you look the more imprecise they get. This is based on the thesis by scientists that particles like protons or nucleus etc. are by no means circles like in our geometrically models, but more vague than that. Moreover the visualized particles are grey and you can't see inside. There is some kind of secret among these particles. Using the sound of the big bang is a reference to the astonishing similarities according to the structure of micro- and macrocosm. Also the String theory ranks as a theory of everything (TOE) some kind of mystical world formula. This also means that the laws of microcosm are also valid for macrocosm and the other way around. Moreover, it combines all four elementary physical forces (gravitation, electromagnetism, weak and strong interplay).

On the other hand you can regard the video as the accruement of the universe. The universe was filled at all time with material and at one point space began to expand. In the video an impulse sets the particles free. The speed of evolvement is based on exponential growth occurring in any kind of evolution. For a long period of time things develop gradually and then a lot of things happen at some time in a short period (such as human inventions in the 19th/20th century).


This work has been shown at:

# PULSAR Festival in Caracas/Venzeuela (2006)

# Rencontres iternationales Paris/Berlin, Paris (2005)



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